Private Label

What Is Private Labeling?

Private labeling refers to the manufacturing of products from one company to be sold under another company's brand. In short, we empower you to create, brand and sell your very own CBD oil products wholesale through our services.

Bloem Private Label

What To Expect With Our CBD Private Labeling

  1. First, fill out our obligation-free form.
  2. Shortly after the form has been submitted, one of our market experts will get in touch with you to discuss specific details about the products we currently have on offer for private labeling or the possibility of creating a custom formula to be used exclusively for your brand.
  3. Once we have established the product, we will provide you with a template so you can create the artwork and accompanying material for your new products.
    • You will be required to review and authorize all material with your own FDA-compliant party to ensure complete compliance with state and federal laws.
    • We may make minor adjustments to the label design (at no additional cost) so that it perfectly fits the product.
  4. We email you a proof of the final label, incorporating any adjustments, for you to approve and verify that everything is in perfect order before use.
  5. With everything is approved and paid, we will send all required data to production.

Options and Orders

Fulfillment Options and Minimum Order Quantities

You Fulfill: We ship your private label products to you. You are responsible for warehousing and shipping to your customers.

  • Minimum: 100 units per SKU
  • See pricing in the wholesale catalog

We Fulfill: We label and ship your private label products for you

  • Minimum: $10,000
  • $2 pick and pack fee per item
  • $8 for USPS first class shipping or $12 for priority
  • Warehouse fees will also apply. Contact your Bloem Wholesale representative for pricing.

How To Get Private Label CBD Oil Products

Begin by clicking here to fill out the no-obligation private label application.

Once you have submitted an application, a representative will get in touch to discuss the details about the products that we offer and how they fit into your business model to determine if we are a good match.

If approved for a private label account, a representative will either set up a meeting (if you are in the local area) or a time to go over the catalog, terms and conditions, share a sample pack with you and get the first order placed.

Please note new private label clients are required to submit a copy of their EIN and state resellers license as part of the evaluation process.

We look forward to hearing from you, answering some questions, and of course sharing any educational materials to benefit your employees and future customers.