Reasons to Purchase CBD in 2020

CBD Oil Uses

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an active ingredient in marijuana, and it is found in hemp. Despite being an active ingredient in marijuana, CBD oil doesn’t result in a high or lead to addiction, according to a report in Harvard Health Blog. Ultimately the effectiveness comes down to how you use CBD oils and products. Here, learn about the uses of CBD, and reasons you should make use of CBD in the New Year.

Missouri Amendment 2: What You Need To Know Going Into 2019

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Missouri Amendment 2 What You Need To Know Going Into 2019

We send out a sincere congratulations to all the patients and supporters who worked so hard to ensure Missouri voters passed Amendment 2. We will be sharing updates and breaking down all of the information for you so you will be informed on the timeline for medicinal products and have all the information you need. Here is what we know so far: FOR PATIENTS Qualifying Patient: Missouri Resident diagnosed with at least one qualifying medical condition. Application: 180 days after December 6th application forms and instructions available for patient cultivation (6/4/19). The department has 30 days to approve the application upon submission. Patient applications must include physician certification signed within 30 days of application date. Annual Fee: $25 Qualifying Medical Conditions: Cancer Epilepsy Glaucoma Intractable migraines (unresponsive to treatment) A chronic medical condition causing severe pain or muscle spasms that are persistent Debilitating psychiatric disorders (including PTSD) HIV/AIDS Chronic medical condition ordinarily requiring prescription medication with a tendency to cause physical or psychological dependence (e.g. opiate based medication) Terminal illness Any other condition recommended by a physician Cultivation Card: Up to 6 flowering plants. Valid for 12 months.Annual fee: $100 Purchase limits: Minimum limit 4 ounces per 30 days unless physician provides exemption Possession Limits: Minimum limit of 60 day supply. If self-cultivating can have up to 90 day supply on property under your control. Limits may be exempted with physician permission. CAREGIVERS Qualifying Applicant: Must be 21 years old. Caregivers will have significant responsibility for managing the well-being of qualifying patient and must designate patients on primary caregiver application. Each caregiver will be allowed up to 3 patients. Application: 180 days after December 6th instructions become available (6/4/19). 210 days after December 6th, the application becomes open to accepting applicants (7/4/19). Application to be approved within 30 days of submission. Annual Fee: $25 Cultivation Card: Up to 6 flowering plants per patient plus self. Up to 12 flowering plants (6 per patient) per locked facility. Up to 18 if caregiver is also patient. The cultivation card is valid for 12 months. Annual fee: $100 Possession Limits: Minimum limit of 60 day supply per patient plus self. Not subject to criminal or civil liability under Missouri law for purchasing, transporting, or administering marijuana for medical use to a qualifying patient. Not subject to punishment for cultivating up to 6 plants per patient. DISPENSARIES Application: 180 days after December 6th License Forms and application instructions become available (6/4/19). Applicants can pre-file 30 days after December 6th (January 5th, 2019). Must be majority owned by individual Missouri residentsApplications will be accepted by 240 days from Dec 6 (8/3/19) and will be approved within 150 days of receipt.Limited to 5 licenses that are valid for 3 years. Application/Renewal Fee: $6,000; $3,000 after 3 years Annual Fee: $10,000 Aggregate limit can’t be less than 24 license per congressional district (192 licenses). Future changes to districts don’t affect. CULTIVATION FACILITIES / GROWERS Application: 180 days after December 6th License Forms and application instructions become available (6/4/19). Applicants can … Read more

Coffee + CBD = A Match Made In Heaven

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Coffee Plus CBD Equals A Match Made In Heaven

You may have tried CBD by now, but have you tried CBD with your coffee? CBD with or in your coffee may be the best way to start your day energized without the unpleasant side effects of the caffeine in coffee. DID YOU KNOW THAT 83% OF AMERICANS DRINK COFFEE REGULARLY? It may be hard to believe, but with the fast-paced world full of new pressures that we live in, the majority of Americans turn to coffee as the solution to keep moving forward. Coffee now only energizes you in the morning, but it also carries other health benefits as well. Most people depend on coffee to wake them up in the morning, give them a short energy burst throughout the day, or for a pick me up to relieve stress after a long day. Coffee is often given a bad rap despite it being one of the healthier options for waking up or getting a burst of energy. WHAT ARE THE ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF COFFEE? Along with its energizing benefits, coffee is also a natural antioxidant for your body that can be absorbed more than other antioxidants from fruits and veggies. Coffee actually provides huge benefits for your liver. Studies have shown that people who drink at least one cup of coffee a day are 20% less likely to develop liver issues such as liver cirrhosis. One of the major benefits of a cup of coffee in the morning is improved brain function. Coffee has been shown to increase reaction time and attention spans. Additionally, coffee has been shown to improve logical reasoning, balance and danger awareness. Coffee is not only beneficial to drink but has also been shown to provide aromatherapy benefits. The natural smell of brewing coffee has calming effects on most people. Coffee lovers may also associate the comfort that coffee will be to the rescue soon with the smell of it brewing beforehand. SO WHAT’S THE CATCH? We have been highlighting the many health benefits of coffee, but it is important that we mention some of the side effects associated with caffeinated coffee. Like most great things, there are some downsides from drinking coffee, especially when you start drinking a few cups a day. Caffeine is the main culprit for providing coffee lovers with energy and afterward a list of unpleasant symptoms. Drinking caffeinated coffee can sometimes lead to issues such as insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach being upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and other side effects. Consuming large amounts of coffee might also cause headache, anxiety, agitation, and an increased pulse. CBD COULD BE THE SOLUTION! Adding a little CBD oil can increase the benefits off coffee while helping to reduce the unwanted symptoms. Right away, you will see that adding a dose of CBD oil to your coffee can give you increased health benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Both coffee and CBD oil are natural products that individually provide benefits that can help you feel better, but … Read more

Calling All Women: The Many Benefits Of CBD For Women May Surprise You

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Calling All Women The Many Benefits Of CBD For Women May Surprise You

WHAT IS CBD Last month, we shared detailed information on what CBD is and how it works in the body and you can read the full post for an overview of CBD.   In this post, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of CBD for women, specifically and we feel you’ll recognize and relate to why women have embraced CBD as a supplement or treatment for a number of health issues.   It’s a really great thing as it speaks to our open minds, our bodily awareness, and our ever-striving for solutions and the ability to be our strongest selves. WHY CBD IS PARTICULARLY EFFECTIVE FOR WOMEN It should be no surprise to any of us that women have more body fat than men, as a general rule.   Compounds such as CBD attach and work through fat (see the previous post that explains why MCT oil is a key ingredient) and given that we have more fat than men, our fat enables the CBD to work more efficiently in our bodies. We won’t bore you with the extensive data and research on the subject, rather, we’ll share the conclusion from the article titled “Sex Differences in Cannabinoid-Regulated Biology: A Focus on Energy Homeostasis” in the National Center for Biotechnology Information. “The culmination of research findings spanning over two decades has made it abundantly clear that sexually distinct cannabinoid-regulated biology is the norm, rather than the exception. At the same time, they provide an indelible reminder that there is much more to be accomplished in elucidating the molecular underpinnings of these inherent differences between males and females, and how these can be leveraged to better serve humanity.” Source: More simply put, researchers now understand that men and women respond to treatments differently and rather than look at this as a negative challenge, this knowledge enables researchers (and correspondingly doctors) to provide more specific treatments and pose different questions regarding women’s health.   The research into the benefits of CBD and Cannabis are in their relative infancy and will continue.   Correspondingly, genetic research will continue as well. Scientists are now examining what our genetic differences mean in terms of our susceptibility and response to treatments. “Genetic research may also be useful for this translational continuum, by determining, for example, whether sex-related associations between genetic variants and common diseases described in animal studies may help us to understand why men and women often differ in their susceptibility to the development of diseases and in their response to medicines (pharmacogenetics).” Source/link: All of this is really great news and we women can look at each other knowingly since we have long been aware that we are very different from men in the way not only the way our bodies are affected by what we put into them but also because we tend to be very open-minded to new treatments for everything from our health to our skin and hair. As more states legalize medicinal marijuana, access to patients utilizing only CBD … Read more

What Is The 2018 Farm Bill and Why Should I Care?

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO What Is The 2018 Farm Bill And Why Should I Care

Last month was a big deal for CBD and Hemp and there is a great deal to celebrate. Let’s break down what really happened and what has yet to happen.   The United States Senate passed the 2018 Farm Bill by a vote of 87-13 in December of 2018, essentially ending the prohibition on hemp cultivation that has been in effect for decades. After being passed by the Senate, the 2018 Farm Bill was passed by the House with a landslide vote of 369-47. The bill was then sent to President Trump to be signed by the end of the year. At the end of December, Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill making it immediately go into effect. Now that the Farm Bill has been signed, the bill comes with the following changes: The Farm Bill will enable farmers in all 50 states will be allowed to cultivate hemp for any use, including the production of cannabis flower (what you likely know as the “bud” of the plant), CBD and other forms cannabinoid extraction such as that used for vaping CBD. The Farm Bill also makes it clear that licensed hemp producers who grow cannabis plants that exceed the THC limitation of 0.3% will not be committing a crime. The Farm Bill will allow commerce between states for hemp and hemp-derived CBD. The Farm Bill will provide the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) the job of overseeing hemp production, with direction to come up with rules “as expeditiously as practicable.” The Farm Bill will legalize hemp production in U.S. territories and on Indian tribal land (a provision that was not included under the 2014 Farm Bill). The Farm Bill will also provide access to federally backed farm support programs, including crop insurance, federal water access and low-interest loans for new farmers. Allow hemp producers to “bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill “temporary agricultural jobs.” The Farm Bill will do away with existing barriers to obtaining intellectual property protections under federal law, such as patents and trademarks. The Farm Bill will impose a 10-year ban for federal drug felons, meaning they cannot participate in the hemp program. The Farm Bill will also mean that the U.S. Department of Agriculture to consult with the U.S. attorney general on the rules and regulations governing the hemp industry.   Essentially, the 2018 Farm Bill removes most of the barriers to growing, producing, marketing, and funding the hemp industry through all of the channels that other industries currently use. Other Changes to Come Hemp was not the only major change that happened with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Farm subsidies were expanded to allow nieces, nephews, and cousins of farmers to receive up to $125,000 each if they are involved in the farm. Before this expansion, the subsidy only applied to immediate family. Organic farming will benefit from the signed bill as well. $395 million has been budgeted for organic research, which is more than two times the previous budget. … Read more