Buyer Beware: 3 Avoidable Mistakes When Buying CBD Oil

Cannabidiol products containing CBD are becoming more popular. This increased popularity is encouraging more manufacturers into the market. This is great news for the consumer because there’s more choice than before, plus prices are falling too. However, unlike prescribed drugs, CBD supplements are not an industry monitored by the government. There are inferior products out there for the unwary consumer. The problem due to morally corrupt companies looking to make a quick buck from the boom in CBD interest by making cheap, nasty products that do not work and waste the buyer’s money. Avoid wasting money by and keep an eye out for these warning signs when buying CBD oil. Mistake 1: Getting the cheapest CBD oil False economy means spending cash on the cheapest option which often fails, leading you to spend money again on a better replacement. When searching for a CBD product to make you feel better, you should be looking for quality. Any product description that combines cheap with quality is an immediate red flag. While that does not mean you should reach straight for the pricey top-shelf stuff the shops look away in glass cabinets, it does mean that a $5 product will have a low percentage of CBD compared to a $50 item. Just like that time you bought the cheap bin bags that tore and spilled trash everywhere, cheap CBD products are going to disappoint you. Mistake 2: Expecting a medical magic bullet CBD oil has many health benefits. The most commonly reported are: •   Reducing the severity of pain •   Helping inflammatory conditions such as arthritis •   Helping to manage feelings of anxiety These benefits have been proven in studies and have much anecdotal evidence to back them up too. There are other claims reported in the media and advertising content that CBD can assist with seizures, the treatment of cancer, and manage multiple sclerosis. With the number of positive reports, these claims may also be valid. However, there have been few if any scientific studies to measure the long-term effects of CBD oil use in treating these conditions. Therefore, using CBD oil for medical diagnoses should always be discussed with a medical professional. It’s also important to have realistic expectations for what CBD oil can do to help you with any symptoms you may be suffering. All treatments take time to have an impact, and not all substances like CBD oil affect people in the same way. Mistake 3: Buying the wrong strength If you have a mild headache, it would not be a good idea to go straight for morphine to treat it. Likewise, dealing with the pain of a broken leg will take more than paracetamol. Medicines have different strengths and dosages depending on the needs of the patient, and CBD oil is the same. Some new users are tempted to go straight for the most potent dose they can find, but that is a mistake. Our bodies need time to adapt to the increase of CBD oil molecules. Taking too much … Read more

Reasons to Purchase CBD in 2020

CBD Oil Uses

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an active ingredient in marijuana, and it is found in hemp. Despite being an active ingredient in marijuana, CBD oil doesn’t result in a high or lead to addiction, according to a report in Harvard Health Blog. Ultimately the effectiveness comes down to how you use CBD oils and products. Here, learn about the uses of CBD, and reasons you should make use of CBD in the New Year.

Missouri Amendment 2: Understanding From The Patient’s Point of View

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Missouri Amendment 2 Understanding From The Patient's Point Of View

Congratulations Missouri on passing Amendment 2! Now that the amendment has passed you may be asking, “now what happens?” We have been gathering the answers and plan to go over what happens next so that you will be ready to act on any of the aspects of the soon to be legalized cannabis industry in the State of Missouri.  Starting off we would like to discuss Amendment 2 from the patient’s point of view. Patients interested in getting a prescription from their doctor for medical marijuana (also known as cannabis) will be able to contact their General Practitioner (GP) or specialist after June 4, 2019, and request a prescription. However, just because you have a prescription in hand does not mean you will be able to walk into a dispensary and purchase just yet. We’ll cover the deal with dispensaries later in another article but for now, you need to know that the prescription you get for medicinal cannabis after June 4, 2019, is valid for 12 months and will cost $100 annually to keep the prescription valid and up to date. You will need to provide that signed, valid prescription to the State of Missouri and apply for your cultivation, purchasing, and possession card. It will cost $25 just to complete the application and if your application is approved, you will pay the additional $100 annual fee. If you don’t complete your application within 30 days of obtaining your prescription from the doctor, you will need to go back to the doctor and start the process over again. WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR A CARD? Great question. There are a number of conditions that qualify a patient for a medical marijuana card and below is a rather comprehensive list of qualifying medical conditions. QUALIFYING MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Cancer Epilepsy Glaucoma Intractable migraines (unresponsive to treatment) A chronic medical condition causing severe pain or muscle spasms that are persistent Debilitating psychiatric disorders (including PTSD) HIV/AIDS Chronic medical condition ordinarily requiring prescription medication with a tendency to cause physical or psychological dependence (e.g. opiate based medication) Terminal illness Any other condition recommended by a physician That last bullet leads you to the question of whether or not so-called “Cannabis Doctors” will start setting up shop in Missouri and that’s another great question that we’ll cover under Physicians and Caregivers in another article coming up. The short answer to that question is probably. So once you have your card, (that you may not get until July 4, 2019, because the State of Missouri has 30 days to approve your application) you will be able to cultivate your own medicinal cannabis plants. You will also be allowed up to four ounces of medicinal marijuana every 30 days unless your prescribing doctor provides an exemption. You will be able to “move about” with up to a 60 day supply (so 8 ounces) and if you are cultivating plants at home, you may keep up to a 90 day supply on your property, under your control. That … Read more