CBD Tincture Vs. CBD Topical

CBD tinctures and topicals are two of the most popular and common forms of CBD available on the market today. How are these CBD products different and how do you decide which is best for you? These are questions we hear every day since so many new people are discovering the world of CBD and all the benefits it has to offer. Today we’re going to be exploring these questions so you can find CBD products that most closely match your needs.  What is CBD and how does it work?  Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of many naturally occurring compounds derived from cannabis plants. CBD offers many benefits for your health and wellbeing including boosting moods, alleviating stress, and reducing inflammation. While researchers are still working to understand all the benefits and mechanisms behind CBD, we know it works in part by interacting with your body’s own endocannabinoid system.  There are different delivery methods for using CBD, and each has their own set of advantages you should weigh when deciding which type to use. Tinctures  Tinctures are medicinal extracts suspended in either alcohol or carrier oil. Because of this, tinctures tend to be highly concentrated products. You consume CBD tinctures, so they are often used when you’re looking for whole-body effects like reducing inflammation and helping with pain management and anxiety. They can usually be taken alone or added to a beverage. Because of its convenience, CBD tinctures can be easy to take consistently. Topicals  Because of how you apply and utilize this form of CBD, it tends to be better for local or irregular aches and pains. CBD balms or lotions allow you to treat specific trouble areas to get fast and effective targeted relief. This can be especially helpful for those that suffer from post-workout related pains or those with occasional or chronic aches.  Are CBD tinctures or topicals better? CBD can be effective in any form, so finding the right product depends on what you’re looking to achieve. In reality, you may need a topical and a tincture to reach your wellness goals. For example, if you want to reduce inflammation and muscle pain you can use a CBD tincture daily and a CBD topical after exercise or during flare ups. Using multiple forms can have a synergistic effect that provides greater benefits.  Keep in mind that there is no single product or CBD regime that works for every situation. Our bodies are unique, and trial and error is a part of the process when optimizing your results. Just make sure that no matter what CBD products you use, you are consistent. No matter how great the product may be, you won’t have the same results if you only sporadically use it.  And last but not least, remember that it’s important to seek out high quality CBD products. Low quality products can have fillers or use synthetic CBD that simply doesn’t offer the same benefits. Your safest route is to shop for natural CBD products … Read more

CBD holiday shopping tips

Cannabidiol products containing CBD have grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. This naturally occurring compound can help with pain, anxiety, muscle aches and more. It can be found in many forms, including tinctures, oils, creams, capsules and even tea. More people than ever are using CBD daily and may be inspired to share their love of CBD this holiday season.  If some CBD products make their way to your gift list this year, we can help. Here are some tips for finding quality CBD products for everyone on your shopping list.  Comparing quality and price Quality is especially important with CBD because low-quality products may have little to no impact for the user. This may lead people to believe CBD is not effective when in reality, they did not experience benefits because they were using low-quality CBD. The problem with low-quality CBD products is that they may have low concentrations of CBD, be manufactured in a way that does not preserve the integrity of the CBD or may even have “fake” CBD! Here are a few points to look for to get high-quality CBD products: 1. Look for products that have been third-party quality tested to help ensure the quality of the product. This process can verify the cannabinoid profile, analyze the terpenoids to ensure that the right therapeutic effect is achieved and rule out impurities. 2. Be extra cautious of low prices on CBD products. This does not mean you cannot find a deal, but cost does correlate to quality to a degree. If something seems “cheap,” take extra care examining the product’s label and website claims. If you do not see information about being lab tested or any details on the purity and concentrations, look somewhere else.  3. Are you seeing clear bottles for CBD products? This is a warning sign because UV light can break down compounds in the oil. To preserve the CBD oil benefits, most reputable manufacturers put products in darker bottles or containers. 4. If you see over-the-top claims, there might be a problem. You may see cheap products with serious claims about the many amazing benefits of using their product. Using bold claims is one tactic sellers use to draw people in and get a sale. Look somewhere else if you see these types of claims, especially claims that the product can “cure” ailments. Consider the recipient’s needs Think about your goal when gifting someone with a CBD product this year. Do they exercise a lot and you think CBD may help them do more and hurt less? Maybe they have trouble relaxing and you want to share your favorite CBD solution. Or perhaps you just think everyone is better off with some CBD in their morning coffee. Whatever the reason, think about your goal for the recipient and let that guide your CBD selection. For example, a CBD muscle balm might be perfect for the weekend -warrior on your list. Consider their preferences  Do not forget to consider … Read more

How to choose the right CBD product

If you think you are hearing about CBD a lot more often nowadays, you are not wrong. CBD is starting to receive the positive attention it deserves as more and more people consider using it to improve the quality of their life. But how do you know if you could benefit from CBD, and how do you find quality CBD products? This is the real challenge because so many people are new to CBD and there are new products hitting the market all the time. Let us look at some of the ways you can evaluate your CBD options and find the right one for you. Determine your goal for using CBD  Before you get started, it is a good idea to think about what you want to achieve by using CBD. This is highly individual based on issues you experience and your wellness goals. For example, are you looking for help with anxiety and depression? Maybe you are interested in its relaxing and calming effects? Or maybe you need help with inflammation and pain management. Determining the benefits you want to get out of CBD will help you narrow down your search and find the product that works best for your needs. Consider how often you need CBD Once you know what your goals are, you also need to consider how often you need to use CBD. This is important because people struggle with consistency and may have trouble taking a tincture but could easily use creams or supplements. If you want to use CBD to help with sore, aching muscles due to overuse, you may only need it after strenuous exercise so a CBD cream is perfect. If you are trying to help chronic issues, you may need to take CBD daily which may best be achieved with a tincture. The good news is that even if you do not like how tinctures taste, but need to use it daily, you can always put it in your coffee or morning smoothie. Look at CBD product options  Now that you have a better idea of what your needs are, it is time to consider how to get them met. There are lots of CBD products on the market, with more hitting the scene every day. However, not all CBD products are the same and act in different ways based on the formulation. You can find CBD in all forms, from oils, pills, and infusions to coffee, gummies, and even lotions. It might take a bit of research, but it will be worth it to find the product that is the right fit for your goals and use preferences. Why quality matters Quality matters in CBD products just like it does for any other supplement you take to improve your health. CBD offers many benefits, but those may be lost on a low-quality product. Low quality products can contain fillers or certain herbal blends, which may not be up to standards, offer no benefits or even have negative reactions. Some … Read more

Ways CBD oil can help in the winter

CBD oil is beneficial no matter the season, but it can be especially helpful in the colder months. If you live in an area with harsh winters, or experience skin, muscle and joint issues in the winter, CBD may be the answer you have been looking for! Today we are going to talk about some of the ways CBD oil can benefit you during the long, cold winter just around the corner.  Joint pain  Do you experience joint pain that may get worse when the weather is cold? If so, you are not alone. Many people deal with increased joint pain during the winter. CBD oil may help reduce inflammation and the associated pain from it, including joint pain. In fact, a 2020 study showed that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory effects and can improve conditions related to inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis. Muscle aches Muscle aches and pains are not specifically a winter problem, but some people find that they feel extra stiff and achy in the cold. The cold weather can result in tight muscles, muscle spasms, and decreased flexibility. You may also drink less in the winter, leading to dehydration which also takes a toll on muscles. CBD oil can reduce muscle pain, soothe joints, and allow you to move more, with less pain.  Skin problems  Does your skin get itchy, dry, and flaky in the winter? This is a very common issue that can be caused by exposure to cold, dehydration and as a result of spending lots of time indoors where the air is heated and dry. CBD oil, especially a soothing topical formula can reduce inflammation and provide much-needed moisture.  How to take CBD oil in the winter There are a variety of ways to use CBD oil, most popularly in a tincture or a topical formula. Each has benefits and may be better suited for specific issues. For example, if you are looking for relief for sore and achy muscles, you may want to massage the affected area with a topical CBD formula. Additionally, you may want to include a tincture to help fight inflammation from the inside. If you just need to calm down skin issues, topical CBD may be the answer. The key is consistency because nothing will help unless you are diligent in using it. And remember, it is important that you find high-quality, natural CBD oil products. Natural CBD extract is safe and far more effective than synthetic versions.

Four ways to enhance your morning with CBD

They say the first step to having a good day is having a good morning, but if getting up and going feels like an uphill battle, you are not alone. Lots of busy adults struggle with mornings but starting the day on a positive note is easier when you have a little help. Fortunately, CBD might be just the thing your morning is missing.  CBD is known for its many incredible benefits that range from reducing inflammation to helping with pain management and anxiety. It is also easy to incorporate in your morning routine so that you start your day on the right foot.  If you need some inspiration for your CBD routine here are some of the ways that CBD could enhance your morning.  Consistency is key  Before we get into it, there is one important thing to keep in mind. As you may already know, the secret to success with any routine is consistency and CBD is no different. Even the best products cannot perform perfectly when taken inconsistently. That is why it is important to create a daily routine by making changes you know you can stick to and give yourself time to adjust. CBD in your coffee  It is no secret that CBD has an uplifting and energizing effect. If your morning coffee isn’t quite doing the trick, try adding CBD to it. This easy and effective combo can give your morning the extra boost it needs. It also sets a great tone for the day. CBD in your protein shake or smoothie A protein shake or smoothie might already be a part of your morning and is the perfect delivery system for your daily dose of CBD. This is especially helpful for those that do not like taking pills or tinctures, but do not want to miss out on the benefits of CBD. Add CBD to your morning shower routine  If you like to start your day with a refreshing shower, it could be the perfect opportunity to use any topical CBD products like our Calm Balm or Muscle Gel. After a morning shower your skin is most able to effectively absorb the product.  CBD before or after a workout  CBD is a workout must-have for those that have active lifestyles. When taken either pre or post workout, CBD can boost your energy when taken orally or reduce muscle soreness when used as a topical. You will recover a bit quicker and feel more energetic.  There is no question about it, CBD can work wonders when you make it a part of your daily life. CBD can be adapted to fit any personal routine, improve your energy, reduce your pain, and help you live life to its fullest. Just remember to be consistent and you will quickly see why so many people are using CBD.