Our CBD Oil Procedures

All CBD 3rd Party Lab Tested

A large part of our CBD Oil procedures is having our hemp extract third-party tested for potency and quality. Our third-party laboratory applies a stringent testing program to ensure that we deliver top quality and the best CBD products available to buy.

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Procedures Pesticide Free Badge
Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Procedures THC Free Badge


Allows the therapeutic effect of the hemp oil to be optimized for the desired effect, aroma, and taste.


One of the most important tests in order to ensure product legality, consistency, and dosing; this allows for the concentration of cannabinoids to be easily identifiable and measurable.


Using advanced testing protocols, we are able to identify even trace amounts of toxic chemical pesticides.


Ensures that no harmful microorganisms or pathogens such as bacteria or fungi are present.


Identifies if any harmful solvents, impurities, or any other added chemicals/odorants are present.

Bloem CBD strives to be consistent and to provide only the highest quality, trusted and effective Industrial Hemp CBD/Extract products on the market. That is why we have each of our batches tested and you can view our lab results here and here.

Our Growing Process and Procedures

Bloem’ s dedication is to our customers. It is the vision of our company and the dedication of our team to ensure the needs of each Bloem customer are not only met but exceeded. It is our goal to not only work with our customer to ensure they are utilizing the best Bloem Hemp Extract product to meet their specific needs (we understand no body is alike!) but to also educate our customer as to the uses and benefits of CBD and other wellness avenues as well.

Our isolate based products are infused with 100% natural, 99%+ pure, no THC industrial hemp. Grown and extracted under the guidelines of the Department of Agriculture each product infused with CBD is tested under the Colorado state guidelines and must be third-party tested to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and quality of our products.

Bloem offers both full-spectrum and isolate tinctures. See our dosage guidelines for more information on the difference between full-spectrum and isolate tinctures to determine which type best suits your individual needs.

Bloem will pave the way for a line of hemp wellness products that promote health, wellness, and growth in our body and communities. Our ultimate goal is to help people, and their loved ones, Enjoy Life.