The Bloem Purpose

To Be a CBD oil company that Provides Solutions to Life's Most Challenging Health Questions Through Simple, Plant-Based Answers

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Plant-Based Answers

We deliver plant-based solutions through sustainable and practical soil to oil practices.

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Enjoy Life

Along the way, we help you enjoy life a little bit more!

The Bloem Journey

How Bloem Came To Be

Bloem CBD was founded in 2018, but we have been a CBD Oil Company company working in the cannabis industry since 2014.

Through thorough research and testing, we recognized the quality of CBD available on the market was inferior to what consumers could be enjoying.

That’s why we launched Bloem.

As a company and as individuals, our passion lies in the people we serve.

We care about their wellness, health, and ability to tap into the power of nature.

And we aren’t like other CBD companies who toss CBD into any product with a promise to enhance your life.

We have studied, researched, and tested our products to ensure they do precisely what we claim they do.

How Bloem Does It

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Work Directly With Farmers

By working directly with the farmers who develop our plant-based ingredients. We follow their journey every step of the way, from soil to oil, and beyond.

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Power to Transform

Our firm belief in the hemp plant’s power to transform the health and wellness of humans everywhere is the driving force behind what we do.

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Medicinal Focus

We approach CBD products from a medicinal focus. It is medicine, and should, therefore, be harvested, manufactured, and treated as such.

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Intense Education

Unfortunately, so few everyday folks recognize the power of CBD. We bridge the gap through intense education about our products and their potential.

The Power Of Thermography

A Natural CBD Partnership

Our desire to educate our customers about CBD and what it can do for them, motivated us to develop a new niche in the CBD market—Thermography.

Thermography is a service we offer in conjunction with our products.

As a company, we partner with Thermography clinics and provide free scans to monitor your inflammation levels while you use our products.

Why partner with a thermography company?

Because inflammation is at the route of so many physical illnesses, from gut syndromes to heart disease and arthritis.

If you purchase one Bloem product a month for 12 consecutive months, we offer you four free scans!

The Bloem Mission

We take our products and consumers seriously.

That’s why we have made it our mission to offer pure, consistent, and quality hemp extract-infused products. Through our products, we provide our community with options. We are on the front lines, ensuring every product is safe and quality.

Values That Drive Us

Local Community

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Community

We feel honored to serve our local communities.

By working hand-in-hand with farmers, we build a stronger community.

Our Consumers

Go Bloem CBD Oil Springfield MO Consumers

Through consistency, integrity, and excellence we live up to our mission and values.

The passion that drives us to be the best strengthens our efforts to educate those we call our customers.

Our Promise To You

Our promise as a company and as individuals is to provide you with excellent customer service.

This includes the farmers and partners we work with.

We recognize that by providing consistently superior quality hemp-infused products, we stand a better chance of fulfilling that promise.

In the end, we only use what Mother Nature has provided to help you enjoy life a little bit better.

Why Choose Bloem Products?

Bloem is owned and operated by a husband and wife—mother & father duo.

We are everyday people, just like you.
Our desire to own a CBD infused business came not with an eye on profits, but with a burning passion to bring options to consumers.